Premium Windows offers a wide range of window styles – from custom special shapes to beautiful double hung windows for extra ventilation. Depending on the style of windows you choose, your windows can enhance the architecture of your home and add a decorative element to every room. Figuring out how to style these different window options can seem like a challenge, so we’ve put together a few suggestions to help you narrow down the design process. 

Here’s a few questions to consider before beginning the styling process:

What is the architectural design of the home?

What room or rooms in the home are the main focus? (These are rooms that host gatherings or provide a place for guests to stay)

Are the windows a variety of sizes and shapes or are they all standard sized windows?

Do you want a lot of natural light to come into the home? Is extra ventilation needed in the rooms?

Is the home very close to neighboring buildings? 

These are just a few questions that can guide the design choices when thinking about what style of window to choose and how to style the windows. 

Stylize Your Windows beyond Curtains and Drapes:

You can entirely change the look of your home by styling your windows with other options besides curtains or drapes. For a more modern appeal, using Roman blinds can give you the traditional look with a modern twist. These are easily customizable and even a great DIY project to further curate the look. These are great on small picture windows, slider windows, or even casement and awning windows. 

Other great options for your windows include shutters, which are easily painted in different colors and are great for adjusting the light in the room. Some window considerations for this option would be picture windows, slider windows, or single-hung windows.

Café curtains are another creative way to stylize windows in areas like restrooms, this style of curtain looks delicate and sophisticated while providing privacy. Consider trying café curtains on single-hung windows, picture windows, or slider windows. 

Stylize with Blinds and Shades: 

Using blinds to stylize your window can be a bit tricky. Blinds can easily look outdated, so keep a modern and updated aesthetic by choosing neutral-colored blinds that easily match any décor.  Another way to keep your blinds looking interesting is to pair blinds with curtains. That might sound bulky, but if you pick curtains that are light and sheer, they can give an airy, light feel to a room while preserving your privacy. 

To create a chic environment in a room, roller shades could be a great option. To keep roller shades from looking outdated, choose a design that fits neatly in the window frame. Roller shades are also great because they come in different opacity ranges. This can provide more precise control over the amount of light that comes into a room. 

Style Your Windows with Different Glass Textures

If you want to add an extra layer of privacy, then we suggest customizing the glass on your windows. We carry a variety of glass options to choose from that include reed, rain, bamboo, glue chip, obscure and many more. Adding a layer of textured glass to your window can enhance the privacy of rooms such as the restroom, a master bedroom, or even a living room that faces a busy street. We recommend choosing a glass texture especially in situations when a window might be facing a neighbor’s yard or other close-proximity situations.  

Different Ways to Style a Unique Window 

Bow and bay windows can make your living space look larger and create cozy sitting areas. You can stylize these windows with soft, light curtains that offer privacy and are easy to open, allowing the maximum amount of natural light into your home. Another great way to style these types of windows is to add a few small items like books and plants to create a more comfortable space around the window. If you’re curious about adding a bay or bow window to your home, contact us with your questions and we’ll make the process easy and stress-free. 

Add Plants Near Your Windows: 

We offer unique beautiful garden windows that are more commonly found above kitchen sinks and are perfect for setting up a small indoor garden with natural light. You can mix and match plants and décor, and can also add a shelf to maximize the use of your garden window. 

Decorate Your Window Sill:

A sometimes-neglected area of the window is the window sill. Although it’s a small area of the window, there are still a few things that can be done to add a bit of style to it. Transform your boring window sill with a window sill shelf, which can be decorated with anything from small house plants to your favorite books to artsy décor. These spaces can even become a cozy, sunny area for a per cat to relax. The possibilities are endless.

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