1. Keep Your Windows Clean:


Our windows are built with an easy-to-clean vinyl material; a simple mix of water and soap can clean both the frame and trim. When cleaning your windows, make sure not to allow water to collect or pool at the bottom of your window, to prevent future damage to your window frame. We recommend drying your windows with a lint-free cloth. 


Your window’s glass can easily be wiped down with a glass cleaning solution. Rinse your glass with water first, then apply the glass cleaning solution. To avoid a streaky surface, try wiping your window down with newspaper or a lint-free cloth. 

2. Exterior Colored Window Maintenance:

There’s no need to worry about chipping paint with our products, Premium Windows is using an exciting new color laminate process that does away with any paint chipping or need for paint touch-ups. With our new color film technology, the maintenance of your windows remains easy. This new technology also maintains the surface temperature and stability of your window.

3. Keep Your Windows Well Insulated:

We build our products with a variety of glazing glass options that add to your windows insulation and provide you with excellent thermal performance and energy efficiency. Your window’s glass is just one component that helps keep your home cool during summer and warm during winter. Checking the insulation around your window frame is another important component to keep your home temperature under control. Here are a few things to look out for if you suspect an insulation problem:

  1. Walls colder to the touch than the actual ambience of your home?
  2. Any size hole in your wall
  3. Signs of moisture or internal condensation
  4. Mold
  5. Old insulation

Catching these issues early on will help keep your windows working like new. 

4. Lubricate the Window Tracks:

Keep your window working like new by lubricating the window tracks. Window tracks help your window slide horizontal or vertical. If the tracks of your window get dirty or stuck, then the functionality of your window is compromised. We recommend regularly cleaning and lubricating your window tracks so there’s always ease of operation. 

5. Your Window Locks:

Safety is a priority when it comes to our window and door lock systems. Premium Windows uses the original European-inspired automatic sash lock by interlock ASSAA ABLOY. This is an innovative hardware solution for the global window and door industry. Over a long period of time, hardware might need to be changed if you notice your windows no longer locking as efficiently as before. Updating your locks is a simple solution that will keep your windows working efficiently and your home safe. 

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