Elegance Single Hung Window

Single hung windows have smooth dual vertical operable sashes. Tilt-in operation is standard. Tilt-in single or double hung models allow both sashes to tilt in for safe and easy cleaning from inside the home.

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Performance Benefits


Our Windows and Doors are built to endure the changing seasons, to ensure the highest level of comfort and energy savings all year long.


All our products are equipped with hardware that has been designed for smooth operation and reliable security.


Exceptionally constructed and built to provide your home or building with even sight lines for a clean and balanced look.

Design Options

Frame Options

Our windows are adaptable any project. We have frame solutions for new and existing construction.

  • Beveled, multi-chambered extruded vinyl improves energy efficiency while providing an aesthetic look
  • 3-1/4″ Retrofit and Block frame depth for structural integrity
  • 2-3/4″ Nail-on frame depth for structural integrity
  • 1 ¾  and 2 ½ Retrofit fin to meet your replacements needs


Block with sloped sill adapter is also available.


Allows targeted installation in a newly created opening.


The replacement flange allows for convenient installation with no need to break out stucco.


Cardinal Glass Industries Inc. introduces the ultimate performance glass, LoĒ³-366®, and comes standard in all Premium Windows products. LoĒ³-366® provides the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings, for all climates.

  • Argon gas filled chambers for low heat transfer through the glass chambers.
  • Duraseal spacer enhances thermal performance of glass components
  • 3/4″ insulated glass unit featuring LoĒ³-366® glass

DualPane Glass

Glass Textures

Our variety of pattern glass designs are the preferred options for bathrooms, add character, privacy and dimension to windows or doors. Bronze and grey glass are available. Other glass patterns available upon request.

An example of Reed glass
Glue Chip
Delta Frost

Tinted Glass Options

Our subtle tinted glass options provide high visibility and beauty without the discomfort of heat-absorbing glass or visual disruptions of highly reflective glass.



Handles & Locks

Automatic locks for horizontal and hung windows close and lock with one simple click, while vent latches on single hung models allow adjustable ventilation. The integral lift rail is built into the sash as well for improved ease of operation.

  • One-touch close and lock
  • Integral lift rail
  • Vent latch for adjustable ventilation on single hung models

Handles & Lock Palette

Integral lift rail

Balance system & Weep Holes

Weep hole design prevents debris obstruction to vent water efficiently.

  • Weep holes designed to prevent debris obstruction
  • Constant force counterweight balance for hung models
Constant force counterweight balance for hung models
Weep Hole


For a unique look, our Elegance Series windows and patio doors are available in two frame colors that will complement the look of your home.




Create window combinations to add architectural interest to your home. Other combinations are also available. See your Pella sales representative for the complete offering.

2 wide
3 wide
Fixed over awning
1 wide clad frame over 2 wide awnings
3 high


Add an elegant element to your windows and doors with a grid design.

Grid Pattern

Double Prairie
Marginal Mg 12
Marginal Mg 18

Sculptured Grid


Flat Grid


Why Choose our Elegance Series?

Add functionality and beauty to any project with our Elegance Series Windows. Designed to integrate modern window technology with clean beautiful lines. A modern beveled frame creates added thickness and multiple chambered airspace that increases thermal efficiencies. The increased frame width allows for 3/4″ glass units containing state of the art glass technology.

Technical Specs

For any further questions or technical specs please email us at info@premiumwindowsinc.com

Installation Instructions
Architectural Manuals
Drawings & Models

Windows in this series

Elegance Single Hung Window

Single hung windows are smooth single vertical operable sashes. Tilt-in options is standard.

Vinyl Material

Exterior color options available

Elegance Arch Window

Arch windows have a single fixed non-venting opening and feature a curved or half-circle top portion

Vinyl Material

Exterior color options available

Elegance Picture Window

An aesthetically pleasing beveled contour with optimal thermal and structural properties.

Vinyl Material

Exterior color options available

Elegance Horizontal Sliding Window

Horizontal sliding windows are smooth operating with right or left sash opening.

Vinyl Material

Exterior color options available


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